The Berlin Archive of
Basketball Courts

In Berlin you are never more than a block away from a basketball court. Some are prominent street courts, wire-meshed and overgrown, others are just mounted hoops hidden away in backyards. But they are always open, always accessible to Berlin’s diverse mixture of players bringing their different playing styles to the game.

The courts and hoops in the archive have been photographed objectively and without the players. Creating a documentation that is not just about selected basketball places but about building up a visual language that speaks for the city’s entire sporting culture.

This archive was made to commemorate the release of the Air Jordan 1 Low PRM ''BLN'' – but it is not a oneoff project. The aim is to forge a lasting legacy, giving players and fans the chance to locate, record and document the meaningful spaces of Berlin’s basketball scene. Curated by Solebox and supported by Air Jordan, the archive will be freely accessible to everyone.

The archive is dedicated to the Berlin basketball community. The ones that find a way to play no matter how battered and decrepit the courts, or how messed up the hoops. The players that stay loyal to their court and just ball for the love of the game.